Services & Products

HDC designs and develops customized training resources and training systems for large and small businesses, government, and not-for-profit organizations. Each training system is tailored to the organization's management system and daily operating practices. Often competency-based training using self-instruction and on-the-job coaching methods are used.

Our services include:

  • conducting training needs assessments
  • conducting competency-based training audits
  • conducting job and task analyses
  • designing training strategies
  • establishing standards for training, operations, and performance
  • developing training and reference resources
  • developing customized illustrations
  • providing in-house desktop publishing
  • developing training administration systems
  • training trainers 
  • implementing training programs

HDC also develops pipeline operator qualification programs:

  • develops standards and procedures
  • develops evaluation methods
  • develops employee qualification records
  • develops administration system

HDC is committed to giving customers added value for their investment in developing standards and procedures, training, and reference resources:

  • all content focuses on and contributes to improved corporate, job, and employee performance
  • consultants apply rigorous strategies to identify opportunities to optimize the customer's use of assets and reduce their risk of incurred losses
  • HDC has an extensive computer database of equipment illustrations. Illustrations from this database are made available to customers at no cost

Read what Alan Austin of General Monitors has to say:

"We were so impressed with the quality of HDC's kits on flammable gas detection and measurement that we hired HDC to develop training for our products."

Alan Austin, Manager, Product Line Management
General Monitors

Over the life of the Company, HDC has invested a great amount of effort to develop its systems, processes, standards, and staff training to be able to provide excellent services and products. Click on Customer Comments to read what other customers say about the quality of HDC's products and services.