HDC's Program Development Process

HDC uses a systematic process to design and develop training programs. Our staff work closely with your staff to ensure the training is relevant to the job and meets the special requirements of your organization.

First, HDC formalizes your organization's goals (e.g., improve safety, reduce energy consumption, reduce waste, improve reliability, comply with legislation, improve public image), and clarifies your training expectations. HDC then uses on-site research and direct input from your staff to develop practical training strategies—strategies that meet your unique requirements and fit your workplace. HDC presents training alternatives to maximize your organization's return on its investment.

Our experienced consultants develop customized training resources that focus on the job and make learning efficient and effective. Throughout the development process our consultants ensure that the content is useful and practical—that the content has a job application and contributes to effective decision-making. And our consultants ensure that issues important to your organization are addressed—that the content is driven by, supports, and reinforces your organization's goals. Our staff works closely with your staff to develop training policies and the training administration system. As part of your management strategy, training can also be competency-based and linked with your organization's loss control program, performance appraisals, pay and progression system, and career development initiatives.

HDC trains your staff to administer and deliver the training. HDC also provides your staff with the resources to maintain and update the training program.

After the training program is implemented, HDC's follow-up visits ensure your training program is being used to its fullest potential.