For more than 25 years HDC has worked with local, national, and international clients to identify and develop training programs that work with various learning styles, company cultures, and most importantly deliver programs that get results.

As a forward thinking company, HDC continues to use field testing, pilots, and industry feedback to develop, test and re-test programs like SafeThink to ensure that all of the critical key elements have been met.

SafeThink is for both new and experienced workers in a variety of occupations and jobs.  Workers and management of both procedural and behavioural based training will see SafeThink as an excellent and necessary strategy to help establish a positive safety culture in the workplace.

The cognitive-based program can be applied to any work environment—workers can use the skills to identify and predict hazardous situations in their existing jobs, when assigned new job functions, or in unfamiliar work conditions.

The SafeThink program trains workers to use an innovative structured critical thinking strategy to identify and predict hazardous situations in the workplace. The structured critical thinking strategy requires workers to continually ask themselves a series of questions to determine if conditions, actions, or events could lead to or create a hazardous situation. This program also provides knowledge about agents of cause and controls to help participants apply the strategy effectively.

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