Research & Development

Successful organizations are continually looking for ways to optimize the use of their assets and reduce losses. HDC has developed a series of courses and books that focus on critical thinking strategies that workers can use to maintain outstanding performance. The goals are for workers to work safetly, effectively, and efficiently and to focus their efforts in ways that contribute to improving employee, job, and corporate performance. The courses and books are based on the LO-PEMEO™ model HDC created. LO-PEMEO is a word that stands for Loss and Optimization of People, Equipment, Materials, Environment, and Organization.

A series of seven books on The Exemplary Worker is now available:



SafeThink™ to prevent illness and injury
WorkThink™ to achieve excellent results
EquipThink™ to achieve optimal results
MatThink™ to optimize materials
EnviroThink™ to protect the environment
JobThink™ to contribute to job and corporate performance
MetaThink™ for exemplary performance

These books are for:

  • Individuals who want to have outstanding performance
  • Supervisors who want staff to be more effective
  • Trainers who want to contribute to improved corporate, job, and employee performance
  • Trades and technology instructors who want their apprentices and students to work safely and effectively
  • Instructional designers who want to ensure that training is relevant, useful, and practical
  • HR managers who want to improve the development and retention of exemplary workers
  • Operations staff who want to optimize production and minimize losses

More than 9500 hours of R&D were required to bring these books to market. Industry contributed an additional 2500 field testing the strategies and providing feedback.

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Interviewing to Gather Relevant Content for Training

Interviewing_Thumbnail.jpg    This book applies many of the thinking strategies from The Exemplary Worker Book Series to identify relevant content. The process for interviewing Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) is described in detail.

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