Articulate Storyline Specialist (remote, full time)

HDC Human Development Consultants Ltd. is hiring an Articulate Storyline specialist to use Storyline to convert 10,500 PDF pages for uploading to a learning management system. At least four templates will need to be created. All documents are for a comprehensive, technical operations training program for the oil, gas, and pipeline industries. These documents have unique formats and integrate illustrations and photographs. This is a full time, contract position. A minimum of two years of experience is required. Attention to detail is essential. Please e-mail your resume to hdc@hdc.ca. You can also call Gordon Shand at (780) 463-3909 for more information.

Desktop Publisher/Technical Illustrator (filled)

HDC Human Development Consultants Ltd. is looking for a desktop publisher/technical illustrator to design and illustrate technical manuals on the PC using Adobe Illustrator and MS Word. Using Creative Suite and maintaining the computer database, software, and Windows network are assets. Long-term position. Closing date is November 10, 2009.

Please e-mail your resume to hdc@hdc.ca or fax it to (780) 450-9174

Technical Writer/Training Consultant (filled)

HDC Human Development Consultants Ltd. designs and develops competency-based training programs for clients throughout Canada. Our clients are mostly in technical fields such as oil and gas production, pipelines, and forestry operations.

HDC is seeking an exceptional individual who will help us design, develop, and implement training programs for our clients. You have a unique blend of scientific/technical aptitude and advanced communication skills. Not only are you comfortable in the technical world of gas plants, pipelines, and/or forestry products plants, you also love helping people learn complex ideas. You have a knack for explaining things and are able to separate what's important from what isn't important. You are also at ease working with clients to gather relevant content, organizing the content, and writing the appropriate training material. You understand that much of your success at communication depends on how well you organize and express ideas.

During your 2+ years of experience in either a technical industry (such as oil and gas, engineering, or research) or training, you have gained an understanding of business and take a business approach to doing work. You are familiar with the concept of job-related training and know that the bottom line for training is improving corporate performance. You are a self-motivated individual and are committed to helping clients optimize their operations and reduce their losses. You are good at word processing.

To help us fully understand your background and accomplishments, we ask that you complete a Candidate Questionnaire below. Resumes not accompanied by a completed questionnaire will not be considered.

If you are interested and qualified for this fulltime, long-term position, please send your resume and completed questionnaire (if you have a portfolio, please send that as well) to:

HDC Human Development Consultants Ltd.
100, 9618 - 42 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T6E 5Y4
Telephone: (780) 463-3909
E-mail: hdc@hdc.ca
Web Page: http://www.hdc.ca

Candidate Questionnaire: Technical Writer/Training Consultant (not applicable to storyline applicants)

To help us fully understand your background and accomplishments, we ask that you answer the following questions. The information you provide will be used in the screening process.

Your responses should be brief, but inclusive (maximum 3 pages for the entire questionnaire). Point form or short paragraphs are acceptable. Resumes not accompanied by your response to each question will not be considered.

Your cooperation and time is appreciated.

  1. What technical experience have you had?
  2. What experience have you had in a coaching or training role? Were you a successful coach or trainer? How do you know you were successful? What aspect of coaching/training do you enjoy the most?
  3. What experience have you had documenting information, writing reports, or preparing proposals? Were you successful? How do you know you were successful? What writing of documentation do you enjoy the most?
  4. What experience have you had in designing training programs and writing self-instructional training resources? Were your customers satisfied? How do you know they were satisfied?
  5. How would you define the term business acumen? Describe any experience you have had to demonstrate your business acumen.
  6. Have you ever worked in a team-based environment? If yes, what was your role? Was there anything that you would like to have changed within your team?
  7. Why are you interested in a position with HDC Human Development Consultants Ltd.?