Describe Flammable Gas Measurement

Describe Flammable Gas Measurement - detecting and measuring flammable gases to prevent a fire or explosion

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Training Objectives
Upon completion of this flammable gas training kit, you will be able to:

  • Explain the purpose and importance of testing for the presence of flammable gases
  • Describe the conditions necessary for a fire or explosion to occur
  • Explain the concepts of LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) and UEL (Upper Explosive Limit)
  • Calculate % LEL of a flammable gas in the atmosphere, given the percentage concentration by volume of that flammable gas
  • Calculate the percentage concentration by volume of a flammable gas in the atmosphere, given the % LEL of that flammable gas
  • Explain the general operating principles of flammable gas detectors
  • Describe the main factors affecting the accuracy of flammable gas detector readings
  • Identify safety precautions which must be followed whenever taking flammable gas readings

    Table of Contents

    Training Objectives
    1 Introduction 1
    2 Combustion 3
    3 Measuring the Concentration of a Flammable Gas 6
    3.1 LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) 7
    3.2 UEL (Upper Explosive Limit) 13
    4 Portable Gas Detectors 14
    4.1 Flammable Gas Detector Technology 15
    4.2 Limitations of Flammable Gas Technology 17
    5 General Operating Conditions 19
    6 Self-Check 21
    7 Self-Check Answers 23

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