Describe Flammable Gas Measurement

Describe Flammable Gas Measurement - detecting and measuring flammable gases to prevent a fire or explosion

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This flammable gas training is for anyone who takes, monitors, or responds to combustible gas readings (e.g., operators and maintenance personnel at oil, gas, petro-chemical, pulp, paper, and board manufacturing facilities, underground workers, construction workers, safety officers, inspectors).

This flammable gas training kit has three parts:

  • self-instructional training module and self-check
  • knowledge check and answer key
  • blank knowledge check answer sheet

    Customer Comments
    "I would just like to say that I am really impressed by your training modules. Before switching to my current position, I was the Training Coordinator for my company for about six years here on the Trans Alaska Pipeline and I have evaluated a lot of training materials from other companies. Your modules are, far and away, superior to most of the other materials I have reviewed. Thanks again."

    Katherine L. Hobson, HSE Representative
    AES Houston Contracting - Alyeska Division

    "We were so impressed with the quality of HDC's kits on flammable gas detection and measurement that we hired HDC to develop training for our products."

    Alan Austin, Manager, Product Line Management
    General Monitors

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