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"I would just like to say that I am really impressed by your training modules. Before switching to my current position, I was the Training Coordinator for my company for about six years here on the Trans Alaska Pipeline and I have evaluated a lot of training materials from other companies. Your modules are, far and away, superior to most of the other materials I have reviewed. Thanks again."

Katherine L. Hobson, HSE Representative
AES Houston Contracting - Alyeska Division

"We were so impressed with the quality of HDC's kits on flammable gas detection and measurement that we hired HDC to develop training for our products."

Alan Austin, Manager, Product Line Management
General Monitors

"The content of HDC's kit on fixed toxic gas detection systems is comprehensive and informative. The material is well organized and presented, making the subject easily understood by a wide range of audiences."

Marlene Coffey, President
Net Safety Monitoring Inc.

"In their training kit, Describe Fixed Toxic Gas Detection Systems, HDC provides a simple yet comprehensive review of the technology. The kit is an ideal primer for all industries. We have been particularly impressed with HDC’s motivation to achieve technical accuracy, as well as their complete cooperation in the editorial process. Describe Fixed Toxic Gas Detection Systems is an outstanding achievement."

Paul Clewis, Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Detcon Inc.

"We at Detronics found HDC’s training kit, Describe Industrial Fire Detection and Alarm Systems, to provide a well balanced and very good overview defining industry standards, technology choices, and device performance issues. The Self Check at the back of the kit is a convenient, effective way for trainees to verify that they've grasped the important concepts. Well done."

Jill Larson, Product Marketing Manager
Detector Electronics Corporation

"HDC’s “Identify and Rate Critical Tasks—Relative Method” kit was a valuable asset with in-house training. This kit helped smooth over a relatively complex training session and the kit provided clear instruction plans with useful tools. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to improve their Safety Program."

Dan Primeau, Health and Safety Coordinator
ATCO Midstream

"I have reviewed the kit on valves and must say, you have created a very good product. The information is basic enough for most anyone to understand but would also be of value to an experienced person. The content is accurate and clearly presented. Great job."

Michael Hillstrand, Director of Marketing
SPX Valves and Controls

"The HDC training kits are first class. I have worked through four kits on Coriolis, magnetic, ultrasonic, and vortex shedding flowmeters. Each kit provides an excellent overview of the technologies, with clear explanations and illustrations. I would recommend HDC's kits for anyone who needs to learn about flowmeters."

Chris Wilkinson, Flow & Measurement Specialist
Spartan Controls

"I have found your training products helpful in gaining a better understanding of vibration basics and analysis as well as balancing concepts. I have perused several other sources and have found your product the easiest to comprehend. After gaining a better understanding of these areas, I find that it has been beneficial to share the knowledge I have gained with the Millwright Apprenticeship classes I instruct. I look forward to keeping in contact on any other products you may have."

Roland Misling, Millwright Instructor
Keewatin Community College

"HDC’s kit on flame arrestors provides excellent training for operators and maintenance personnel. The kit is practical and useful. Flame propagation, arrestor operation, and arrestor applications are explained clearly and simply. The kit also provides practical information about maintenance requirements and conditions that can lead to flame arrestor failure."

Robert Rajewski, President
Tornado Technologies Inc.

"Mistakes in oil and petro-chemical measurements are easily traced to a lack of training in proper industry methods and standards. As a manufacturer and supplier of gauging and sampling products, our company has always promoted the value of proper training. The HDC training kit for manually sampling tanks does a good job of explaining the process in terms the operators can easily follow. I would recommend this kit on manually sampling tanks to anyone working in our industry."

Jay Dolive, General Manager
HERMetic, Inc.

"Corrpro Canada Inc. – Pipeline Services has purchased the pigging of pipelines manuals from HDC, which we have incorporated as part of our training process. The manuals have been an asset in the training of new personnel as well as refresher for the experienced pipeline technicians. Some of the personnel who have taken pigging courses previously have told us there is more in the manuals than they had in the courses. I would recommend these manuals to anyone involved in the pigging of pipelines projects."

Aaron Roberie, Manager, Pipeline Services
Corrpro Canada Inc.

"HDC’s training kit Describe and Operate Indirect-Fired Line Heaters provides excellent instruction on the safe and proper operation of potentially dangerous equipment. The instruction on burner management packages is thorough, yet easy to understand. The kit provides training critical to reducing worker injury associated with line heaters and related equipment."

Dan Theriault, C.E.T.
Titan Logix Corp.

"Fifteen years ago, HDC developed training modules for a prominent oil and gas company that I was employed with as Training Coordinator. The quality was excellent and the modules are still used today. I recently reviewed HDC’s new training kit Describe and Operate Indirect-Fired Line Heaters. I was very impressed with the content and the excellent graphics that support learning. I feel confident that after completing the training, an employee can safely and effectively operate the equipment.

Recently, I made a career change and intend to acquire HDC’s services to develop a customized training program for my new employer. HDC has always provided a quality product that gets even better as time moves on."

Paul Mitchell, General Manager
Vencor Production Testing Ltd.

bullet3.gif"The training kit on Pumpjacks Module A: Describe and Monitor Wellhead, Sucker Rod String, and Subsurface Pump is an excellent training tool for new operators and maintenance workers. I would recommend it to anyone who is starting in the oil and gas industry and for any company that is hiring new workers."

Bill Aldag, Vice President
Western Canadian Consulting Inc.

bullet3.gif"HDC's pumpjack training kit  Module B: Describe and Monitor Beam Pump and Prime Mover is a great training tool for new and seasoned operators. The explanations and diagrams are a great value to even the most experienced people. The kit has an excellent layout of operation, maintenance, and safety issues surrounding pumpjack operations."

Rob Black, Field Safety Technician
Paramount Energy Trust

bullet3.gif"HDC's pumpjack training kit  Module C: Describe Beam Pump Operation is excellent. Input of this quality cannot be compared to anything I have encountered before. This kit is a must for producers who want to improve their focus on safety while increasing productivity of both employees and employers. An excellent training kit for all."

Grant Callfas, Technical Specialist
National Oilwell Varco

"HDC's training kit "Module D: Optimize Beam Pump Operation" gives operators a good overview of the entire beam pump operation, problems, and solutions. The self-instruction is an economical way for operators to learn about optimizing beam pumps. The training kit is also a good reference for troubleshooting beam pump and well production problems."

James McCoy, President
Echometer Company

bullet3.gif"We have had the privilege of working with HDC on several of their training kits, most recently Heater Treaters. They have done an excellent job on providing a training manual that is not only accurate but also very user friendly. The kit is organized, well written and presents the content in a very practical way."   

Harvey Meyn, General Manager
Larsen D'Amico Mfg. Ltd.

"HDC continues to offer first class training  modules for a wide variety of applications. The training kit Describe and Operate Separators is a very well written module. It encompasses many of the different types of separators that we use in the field and is a necessary part of our training library. HDC helped develop our in-house site training program for our Operations staff over ten years ago. We still continue to use that program today and it has proven itself to be an invaluable tool for the development of our staff."

Wade Martineau, Operations Supervisor

bullet3.gif"The training kit Describe and Operate Reciprocating Compressors is one of the better training programs that I know. It has everything that an operator needs to know to be competent at monitoring and operating reciprocating compressors. I highly recommend this training. We plan to use the training for our operators."

Doug Reves, Compressor Specialist
Enerplus Resources Fund

bullet3.gif"HDC's training kit Describe and Operate Centrifugal Pumps provides excellent training for a new operator. The content has the right amount of detail and focuses on issues important to operators. The training materials are insightful and easy to read and understand. I believe the training will boost the operator's confidence to monitor and operate centrifugal pumps safely and effectively."

Jim White, Manager of Health and Safety
Hunt Oil Company


"Inter Pipeline utilized the services of HDC to develop a Control Room operational manual and training component for 4 of IPF’s pipeline systems. The project was well organized and the staff were very knowledgeable and proficient. We are very pleased with HDC’s services: the final product was excellent and the project was completed under budget and within a very tight timeline."

Graham Johnston, Team Leader, Control Centre Operations
Inter Pipeline Fund

"We used HDC to develop a formal Pipeline Operator Training Program. The front-end analysis they recommended was a valuable step that structured the training to match our specific needs. Program development was organized, efficient, and well done. Their consultants were quick to understand our technology and the operators’ jobs. We are very satisfied with the final product which fell within agreed to budget and time constraints."

Bob Burrows, Pipeline Operations Coordinator
Husky Energy

"HDC designed and developed the competency-based training program for our pipeline control center operators. During the development, HDC provided leadership to identify issues critical to the safe and effective operation of our business. The training manuals were thorough and easy to learn from. The written procedures were practical and focused on safety and effective job performance."

Roger Breski, Risk Management in Safety, Health & Environment
Imperial Oil Limited

"I have had an association over the past number of years with HDC in development of training manuals and programs and have always found their services and products to be of high caliber. Recently, for a facility under construction, HDC developed the Operating Manual, Training Program, and Operating Procedures. As expected, HDC delivered very high quality materials designed specifically for adult learners. HDC’s personnel are very efficient and knowledgeable in their roles, provide leadership in identifying critical content, and have a high degree of technical expertise. I would not hesitate in recommending HDC to any company requiring their services to develop training programs."

John Martin, Operations Team Leader
Duke Energy Corporation

bullet3.gif"HDC wrote nine training manuals for the Spectra Energy McMahon Gas Plant in Taylor, British Columbia.  The plant is a large Steam plant and Co-generation facility that processes 500 million cbft of raw gas per day. As an educator I found the training product produced by HDC to be an excellent tool in training our new workers as well as a reference guide for all other employees."

Richard Kennedy, Training Specialist
Spectra Energy

"I don’t have the time or expertise to develop training programs and use HDC instead. We have always been impressed with their skill - they know training in a way that makes sense and makes it easy to follow. Their staff knows what we are talking about right away and ask us questions about issues that we hadn’t even thought about or had forgotten because we have been doing the job so long. Their training programs are very well written and provide the detail required for our training needs. The formats are easy to follow."

Gerald Stroh, Regina Team Leader
Duke Energy Gas Transmission

"We are a new company and to sit down with folks from all walks of the pipeline industry to determine what is core work versus contract work was a big task. Identifying training needs was even more challenging. With HDC we managed to get through it all. Good job done. I would recommend and use HDC again."

Ray Mastalier, Team Leader
Alliance Pipeline

"As a new pipeline company we had to start a completely new Training Program. HDC developed our Training Needs Matrix for both field and control center operators. This matrix served as a structured base for developing our training program. HDC’s services were quick and cost-effective. I was very pleased with the quality of their work. I recommended and will continue to recommend HDC."

Andrés Mendizábal, Operations Chief Engineer
Oleoducto de Crudos Pesados, Ecuador

"HDC designed and developed the competency-based training program for our Kaybob gas plant operators. HDC produces training modules that are of the highest caliber. The program successfully prepares an individual to master knowledge and job skills required to be proficient at his or her job."

Wade Martineau, Training Coordinator
Central Alberta Midstream

"I have worked with HDC on a number of projects and find them to be efficient, timely, and very cost-effective. The HDC processes, whether they are being used on a Needs Assessment or in the creation of a training package, are highly organized, flow well with field or office personnel, and are “right-on” with their results. HDC’s training kits help fill training gaps with a lot less work and dollars than using in-house Trainers to create the same materials. A nice feature of the kits is the ability to add on-screen customized notes. I highly recommend reviewing HDC’s offerings for all of your training needs."

Bruce Sangster, Safety Inspector
Shell Canada

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