Describe and Adjust Cathodic Protection Systems

Describe and Adjust Cathodic Protection Systems - monitoring, adjusting, maintaining, and troubleshooting

Total Pages: 78

Training Objectives
Upon completion of this training kit, you will be able to:

  • Describe the purpose and importance of cathodic protection systems
  • Describe the use of cathodic protection at industrial facilities
  • Explain the principles of corrosion
  • Explain the difference between electron flow and current flow
  • Describe electrical potential difference and its relationship to corrosion
  • Identify the key components and functions of the following types of cathodic protection systems:
    • sacrificial anode system
    • impressed current system
  • Describe the operator's monthly inspection of cathodic protection systems including:
    • visual inspection of the cathodic protection equipment
    • adjustment of the cathodic protection system power supply
    • documentation of the monthly inspection
    • identification of cathodic protection system problems
  • Identify specific operating requirements for cathodically protected aluminum fuel gas lines
  • Describe basic procedures used by electricians to troubleshoot and repair cathodic protection systems
  • Identify site safety requirements and work hazards associated with:
    • cathodic protection system components
    • cathodically protected equipment
    • isolated equipment
  • Explain the purpose and importance of electrical isolation connections
  • Identify possible equipment installation conditions where electrical isolation may be compromised
  • Test and repair rectifiers and cables (electricians only)

    Table of Contents

    Training Objectives
    1 Introduction 2
    2 Principles of Corrosion 3
    2.1 Electric Current in Corroding Metals 6
    2.2 Corrosion Circuit Potential Differences 7
    3 Cathodic Protection Systems 9
    3.1 Theory of Operation 10
    3.2 Types of Cathodic Protection Systems 10
    4 Sacrificial Anode Cathodic Protection Systems 12
    4.1 Sacrificial Anode System Components and Functions 12
    4.2 Sacrificial Anode System Metering and Instrumentation 14
    4.3 Monitoring Sacrificial Anode Systems for Steel Process Equipment 17
    4.4 Maintaining Sacrificial Anode Systems for Steel Process Equipment 19
    4.5 Cathodic Protection of Aluminum Fuel Gas Lines 20
    5 Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems 21
    5.1 Impressed Current System Components and Functions 21
    5.2 Impressed Current System Power Supplies 25
    5.3 Impressed Current System Metering and Instrumentation 26
    5.4 Monitoring and Adjusting Impressed Current Systems 30
    5.5 Maintaining Impressed Current Systems 32
    6 Electrical Isolation Connections 35
    7 Working Around Cathodic Protection Systems 37
    8 Self-Check 39
    9 Self-Check Answers 45

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