Describe & Operate Beam Pump (Series) Module D

Optimize Beam Pump Operation

Total Pages: 97

Module D: Optimize Beam Pump Operation

This series of four training kits is for operators who start, adjust, and shut down beam pumps (pumpjacks).

  • Module A—Describe and Monitor Wellhead, Sucker Rod String, and Subsurface Pump
  • Module B—Describe and Monitor Beam Pump and Prime Mover
  • Module C—Describe Beam Pump Operation
  • Module D—Optimize Beam Pump Operation

Module D describes methods to optimize pumpjack operation to maximize production cost-effectively without causing damage to the reservoir or well. An extensive troubleshooting table is included with this kit.

Module D has four parts:

  • self-instructional training module and self-check
  • knowledge check and answer key
  • blank knowledge check answer sheet
  • job aid

    Customer Comment
    "HDC's training kit "Module D: Optimize Beam Pump Operation" gives operators a good overview of the entire beam pump operation, problems, and solutions. The self-instruction is an economical way for operators to learn about optimizing beam pumps. The training kit is also a good reference for troubleshooting beam pump and well production problems."

    James McCoy, President
    Echometer Company

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    Price for this kit is $79.00 Cdn per single license or
    $359.00 Cdn per site license.