Describe & Operate Beam Pump (Series) Module B

Describe and Operate Beam Pump

Total Pages: 61

Module B: Describe and Monitor Beam Pump and Prime Mover

This series of four training kits is for operators who start, adjust, and shut down beam pumps (pumpjacks).

  • Module A—Describe and Monitor Wellhead, Sucker Rod String, and Subsurface Pump
  • Module B—Describe and Monitor Beam Pump and Prime Mover
  • Module C—Describe Beam Pump Operation
  • Module D—Optimize Beam Pump Operation

Module B describes pumpjacks and prime movers: their operation, operating requirements, operating variables, and operator roles and responsibilities.

Module B has four parts:

  • self-instructional training module and self-check
  • knowledge check and answer key
  • blank knowledge check answer sheet
  • walkthrough

    Customer Comment
    "HDC's pumpjack training kit Module B: Describe and Monitor Beam Pump and Prime Mover is a great training tool for new and seasoned operators. The explanations and diagrams are a great value to even the most experienced people. The kit has an excellent layout of operation, maintenance, and safety issues surrounding pumpjack operations."

    Rob Black, Field Safety Technician
    Paramount Energy Trust

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    Price for this kit is $79.00 Cdn per single license or
    $359.00 Cdn per site license.