Balance Equipment Using Vibration Measurements

Balance Equipment Using Vibration Measurements - single-plane balancing

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This training kit provides instruction on using vibration measurements to balance rotating equipment. The instructions are for employees learning to do single-plane balancing of rotating equipment on site.

This training kit on balancing rotating equipment has five parts:

  • self-instructional training module and self-check
  • knowledge check and answer key
  • blank knowledge check answer sheet
  • performance checklist
  • job aid

    Customer Comment
    "I have found your training products helpful in gaining a better understanding of vibration basics and analysis as well as balancing concepts. I have perused several other sources and have found your product the easiest to comprehend. After gaining a better understanding of these areas, I find that it has been beneficial to share the knowledge I have gained with the Millwright Apprenticeship classes I instruct. I look forward to keeping in contact on any other products you may have."

    Roland Misling, Millwright Instructor
    Keewatin Community College

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    Price for this kit is $59.00 Cdn per single license or
    $269.00 Cdn per site license.