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JobThink . . . to contribute to job and corporate performance

One of the major differences between average work and exemplary work is the ability to know whatís important. Supervisors and workers need a practical way of understanding their business/organization to be able to focus their efforts effectively and make good decisions in the organizationís best interest. JobThink addresses the question, Whatís important to the job and organization? A model focusing on key constituents (elements, components) such as tasks, technology, and corporate objectives of an organization is used to focus oneís thinking about the organization and job. JobThink explains each constituent and the interrelationship between constituents. Uses of resources are also explained.

JobThink also addresses how your work affects others and vice versa. A problem-solving strategy that you can apply to your job is also explained. A Job Aid lists the thinking questions you can use to focus your efforts in ways that contribute to job and business success and help you make decisions in your companyís best interests. Learning activities help you apply the strategies to your work and home environment.

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